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Hallie Clark is a Certified Hypnotherapist located in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

Hallie Clark is a Certified Hypnotherapist and received her training through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is excited and dedicated to empower clients to overcome habits, beliefs, and perceptions that no longer serve them. Whether you are looking for help with tobacco cessation, stress reduction, habit change, improved sleep, motivation to exercise, weight loss, improved focus and work habits, and so much more, Hallie will help you reach your goals!




Hypnosis Works PDX @ Nightingale Wellness Studio
5128 NE 42nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97218

Available By Appointment

Tuesdays & Thursdays

What is hypnosis?

Ready to be your best you? Hypnosis is an amazing tool that will help you achieve your goals by allowing you to shed habits, phobias, beliefs, and behaviors that you are ready to move away from. With my guidance, you will enter into a relaxed, yet highly focused state where we can facilitate change on a deep level with lasting results. You will go home with a personalized hypnosis recording. 

What issues can hypnosis help with?

Hypnosis can help significantly with so many issues! Some common problems that people often seek help with are phobias, weight control, habits such as nail biting and hair pulling, sleep problems, tobacco cessation, and stress management. Hypnosis can also successfully rid you of self-defeating beliefs, social issues, procrastination, and fear of public speaking. Basically any belief or habit that is no longer serving you can be addressed effectively through hypnosis, and the process is pleasant and relaxing!  If you have an issue and are wondering if I can help you, please sign up here for a free 30-minute consultation by phone or in-person. 

What does hypnosis feel like?

Many people describe the feeling of being in hypnosis as being fully relaxed, yet fully aware. Most of us don't realize it, but we get ourselves into hypnosis at least twice a day in the moments right before falling asleep and right after waking up. Almost everyone is capable of getting themselves into this relaxed state the hypnotherapist is simply there to guide you. Once in hypnosis, you are fully in control the entire time, and can never be made to do or say anything that you would not normally say or do.  Hypnosis is a natural mental state there is nothing magical, or out-of-the ordinary about it.  

How long will it take?

Generally, most issues can be resolved in 14 appointments. New patients should book a 90 minute appointment so we can complete a client intake form. After the first appointment, recurring appointments take only 60 minutes. Please note, tobacco cessation appointments take 2 hours for the first appointment.  

I found Hallie to be a sympathetic listener and I truly appreciated the care and time she took with me. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Alex
Hypnosis is a fantastic tool for changing beliefs that are no longer serving you. I had self-image issues which were keeping me from living a full and meaningful life. Thank you Hallie for sharing hypnosis with me!
— Molly
“I had a first time hypnosis session with Hallie recently. She was warm and made it a comfortable experience as I was unsure what to expect. She helped get to the root of the issue and used that in my session. I have been listening to the recording of the session every morning and it is a great way to start the day in a relaxed, calming manner that sets the tone for the rest of the day and has improved my sleep too. It has helped me to deal with daily life in a different, more serving way. Thanks so much Hallie!”
— Lina

Free Initial Consultation

Curious if hypnosis is the right path for you? Interested to know how it works and why it's so effective?

I invite you to make a free, 30-minute consultation appointment. We can talk by phone or meet in person at my office. 

Just book online below and choose a 30-minute appointment. If you would prefer to speak over the phone, please let me know in your booking details.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you!

Payment & Cancellation Policy

New client appointment are $110 for 90 minutes.

Existing client appointments are $85 for 60 minutes.

I also offer packages of three 60-minute appointments for $200 (a total savings of $55). If you are interested in a package, please let me know at the first appointment. 

*Please note that for tobacco cessation the first appointment is 2 hours and costs $180, follow-up appointments are $85 for 60 minutes.

If you believe you can benefit from hypnosis, but finances are a concern, please send me an email and I'll be more than happy to help work something out with you.

I accept checks, cash and major credit cards.

If you need to cancel, please contact me with at least 24 hours notice or a late fee equal to the session fee will be charged. When you book an appointment, you agree to these conditions.